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Flight Auckland - Isle of Pines

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Piscine naturelle de l'île des Pins

The divine Isle of Pines

The Isle of Pines is the Holy Grail of New Caledonia. Its postcard landscapes spread around the world, and are the first to make adventurers want to discover New Caledonia. The Isle of Pines remains a sublime enclave in the heart of the Pacific, offering a mecca for honeymooners in New Caledonia.

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Practical information

Coming to Isle of Pines

Entry requirements in New Caledonia:

To know regulations related to New Caledonia entry, please consult the link below:

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Map of Isle of Pines

How to get to Isle of Pines

Going to Isle of Pines from Auckland

Whether you're enjoying a short break for a few days or a longer trip to Isle of Pines, Aircalin offers a selection of flights at the best price. Search and book your Auckland to Isle of Pines flight in a few clicks.

Travel time

The shortest travel time for a flight from Auckland to Isle of Pines is 8 hours and 55 minutes with a stopover at Noumea. This travel time may vary depending on your itinerary. 

Time difference

It is 1 hour earlier, in Isle of Pines, New Caledonia than in Auckland New Zealand.

When to go to Isle of Pines

What is the best time to visit the Isle of Pines?

The Isle of Pines has a tropical climate. This means there are two distinct seasons: the fresh season and the warm season. 

To make the most of the island, the best time to visit is : 

  • April and September to February, during the warm season. Summer temperatures can rise to over 30°C, an ideal climate for swimming in the island's turquoise waters.