Visit the Island of Lifou in 3 days


Day 1: discover the local flavors.


Dive into the heart of the atmosphere of the Wé market

After you arrive from Grande Terre at Lifou Airport, head to Wé, the island's capital. There are many tourist accommodations, including the Drehu Village Hotel. They have a small market in the heart of the town on Wednesday and Fridays where you can enjoy the atmosphere, giving  you a first glimpse of the charms of island life. Here, the French language alternates with the Drehu, a traditional language with a melodic sound when spoken and is used strongly among the locals.

A gustatory break

Every lunchtime, the Fetra Sun restaurant, near the center of Wé, offers delicious dishes prepared with local produce. They vary from venison or wild pig, fresh fish or shellfish, there is something for everyone.


Day 2: in the bowels of the island


Farniente on the bay of Santal

In the heart of Santal Bay, on the west coast of Lifou, Easo Beach awaits you to take a dip or stroll along the sand.  You may encounter the opportunity to come across some turtles, which they sometimes swim near the beach. 


Excursions for all levels

From Easo beach, there is a path that will lead you to a small chapel, Our Lady of Lourdes. In this chapel, you not only get a superb view of Santal Bay, but also its neighbor island, located further north, Jinek Bay. For the more adventurous, headnorth of the island to discover the Devil's Cave, in the Tingeting tribe near Kumo.

Day 3: excursion to the south of Lifou.


Towards the Jewels of the Pacific

For those who want to explore  the south of the island, it is possible, upon reservation, to visit the Jewels of Luengöni, a cave with a water hole. Luengöni also has a beautiful beach, probably the most beautiful beach on the island.


The Vanilla Plantation of Lifou

You cannot come to Lifou and not visit the Vanilla Plantation. The island is most famous for its fruit - vanilla. In recent years, the production of this orchid flower has been booming and its fame has largely exceeded the borders of Drehu. Lifou's vanilla crème brûlées are served in restaurants of the Noumean capital.

Kiki beach

Visit the most beautiful beaches in Lifou 

Before leaving the island, ensure you make some time to escape to the white sandy beaches of Lifou Island. Go snorkeling  at Peng beach and discover a colourful world underwater while  facing some amazing fish species. Then head to Chateaubriand beach to relax on the immaculate sand and enjoy a moment of relaxation in front of the turquoise sea. 

Finally, finish with a trip to Kiki Beach, accessible after a 30-minute walk through the forest. One of the least crowded beaches on the island, so it's a good bet that you'll be alone in the world when you’re there. Give this experience a go! 

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